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2019 June 1 (modified 2019 June 9)

A&C and ElsevierBack in 2012, Bob Mann and I pushed ahead with setting up Astronomy and Computing (A&C) as a journal for the astronomical computing community. We ended up getting Elsevier to publish the journal, with a hybrid access model. This overlapped with the ‘Elsevier boycott’. Below is my brief recollection of why we went ahead by this route. It's not intended to persuade anyone else that we were right or wrong (though I don't feel at all bad about it), or change anyone's mind, but instead to record that it wasn't a thoughtless decision.

2019 April 27

SHA-512 != SHA-512Is it possible to turn a crypt(3) SHA-2 password hash into an OpenLDAP one? Slightly surprisingly, the answer is no, this is not feasible.

2015 September 19

Unicode is simpleThere are many many introductions to Unicode. Here is another.

2015 May 27

Xoxa: normalizing and signing XMLNormalising and signing XML is a well-known pain in the neck. You don't have to look far to find expressions of horror and dismay or even the outright rejection of the idea that XML is signable other than as a text string (Peter Gutmann: ‘XML is an inherently unstable and therefore unsignable data format.’).

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